Top 4 Podcasts For Sales Advice, Tips & Inspiration

woman listening to a sales podcast on her phone
As a top salesperson, you’re constantly educating yourself on the latest industry trends, historical greats, and most effective techniques.

Now more than ever, you can find more information than you need at your fingertips, which isn’t always helpful. To simplify your search, we’ve gathered a list of the top four podcasts for the modern salesperson. Within these episodes are a wealth of information, from quick five-minute tips to long-form interviews about those who are pioneers in their field. 


Make It Happen Mondays

To give you a boost at the start of your workweek, listen (or watch) these episodes to help inspire your own success in selling. Instead of a more formal, polished interview like most podcasts these days, Make it Happen Mondays feels more like a conversation with a friend. Your friend, John “Say What” Barrows (a.k.a. JB) is the host, founder of JBarrows Consulting, and a leading B2B sales trainer. 

John eases us into Mondays talking about his weekend activities, not unlike how you’re starting off the day with your co-workers and sitting down to a conversation with potential clients. He hosts industry experts and leaders each week on the state of the market and what that means for all different sales avenues – B2B, B2C, B2G, and beyond. 


Conversations with Women in Sales

Calling all female sales professionals: This one’s specifically for you. Created by the late Barbara Giamanco with Lori Richardson now hosting in her stead, this weekly podcast strives to be the greatest resource for women in sales. The podcast reaches an audience from women who are not yet in sales but curious about what that career path looks like, to those who are aiming for sales leadership in their territory and markets.

As the title suggests, Lori talks with a different woman in sales each week, gleaning advice for advancement, quick tips, and celebrating great accomplishments in their careers. Each interview begins with the guest’s journey to sales post-college, a great insight into how they made their way to where they are now. Conversations with Women in Sales averages 30 minutes an episode – a great length for your drive or a walk around the block. 




Sales Gravy

Sure, you’ve heard of Sales Gravy, but did you know they had a podcast? Jeb Blount, the founder, has been discussing his sales knowledge over the airways since late 2019. He’s showing you how to “open more doors, close bigger deals, and rock your commission check.” From interviews with top sales performers and leaders to talks on how to deal with what’s going on in the world while you’re selling, it’s a wealth of information. If you have a specific question, odds are you can scroll through and find the topic covered on one of the Sales Gravy episodes.

Sales Gravy hosts shorts like “Ask Jeb,” where salespeople call in with their most common issues like, “How do I get people to answer the phone when cold calling?” His Daily Sales Briefing episodes run as quick as five minutes, so they don’t take up too much time or brain power during your busy day. 


Dare to Lead

This podcast may not make any other sales-specific lists, but in order to be a successful and client-minded salesperson, we must honor two things at our core: people and personal growth. Brené Brown is a research professor, five-time New York Times bestselling author, and courage / vulnerability / shame / empathy researcher… among many other things. 

Her timely TED talk on vulnerability in 2010 launched her into the wide public eye, and our gaze has held ever since. One of Brené’s podcasts, Dare to Lead, hosts “change-catalysts, culture-shifters, and more than a few troublemakers who are innovating, creating, and daring to lead.” A few among the who’s who: Adam Grant, Jim Collins, Dr. Sarah Lewis, and President Barack Obama. The episodes are meaty – ranging from 40 minutes to two hours. Her guest lineup is not only impressive, but incredibly inspiring. It’s like one of those pep talks you give yourself (or listen to) right before a big presentation. Instead of the go-to sales FAQ answers we’re sometimes looking for, listening to Dare to Lead encourages us all to see the humanity in all of us. And with that new mindset shift, get pumped to connect and help others through B2B sales.


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