Advertising Partners Turned Real Producers Publishers

Adding value to our advertising partners is our top priority.


We help great businesses reach their ideal clients through our line of media products. From affluent homeowners and new movers to medical professionals and top real estate agents in an area, we’ve refined the ways to catch their attention through a trusted source. 

That’s how Brian and Kristin Lunsford, business owners in Jacksonville, FL, became acquainted with our Real Producers product. They began advertising in Jacksonville Real Producers in 2020, finding great results and a great way to nurture relationships with the top-producing agents around them. 

However, when they found out the magazine would stop running last December, they knew they needed it back. After eight months of advertising, they saw payoff. In that short amount of time, the top Jacksonville agents were already recognizing them from their monthly advertisements as a Preferred Partner.




“We saw the value Real Producers provided to both top-producing real estate agents and business partners because we were a preferred business partner ourselves, owning an inspection company and a pest control business.”  

So Brian and Kristin are embarking on a new business venture – and we’re thrilled. On top of owning two businesses in Jacksonville, they are relaunching Jacksonville Real Producers with its July 2021 issue.

“Leading Jacksonville Real Producers has been a natural fit for us and came at a perfect time in our lives as we are no longer in the day-to-day with our other businesses,” the Lunsfords said. “We are very excited to start fresh with the Jacksonville RP publication.” 

“Coming in as a previous partner really gives us a unique perspective to understand that side and to make it a more beneficial experience for all the partners. We hope to establish a community with lots of communication and engagement.”

Congratulations on your launch month, Brian and Kristin, and best wishes!