Retirement: Is it the Best Option?

sign in the road to go left or right

by Allie Hartzog

When do you want to retire? 
Are you sure? Hear us out…


Perhaps it’s because not retiring isn’t even seen as an option (practically everyone does it, why wouldn’t you?) that the collective seems to accept it as the finish line of your working adult years. Not everyone has truly questioned whether retirement is all it’s hyped up to be – at the very least it’s become a shiny object on a pedestal many everyday workers are walking toward with a steady, fixed gaze ahead! The term ‘retirement’ has become synonymous with a never-ending holiday or paradise – a well-deserved permanent vacation. Who doesn’t dream of waking up without an alarm or sipping coffee at the local cafe watching all the other chumps rush in and out to get to work? 

But the reality is many who retire, after the initial honeymoon phase of course, miss the purpose and satisfaction of a good solid day’s work. Academic researchers are even finding health benefits as well, linking the routine of work with better health into the senior years.

How could the paradise of retirement not be as wonderful as described? One explanation simply points to Newton’s first law of motion: An object at rest stays at rest; an object in motion stays in motion. When we continue to move – both physically and mentally – it keeps us going (and sometimes quite literally keeps us alive). The simple correlation of routine and purpose also explains why sitting around eating bon bons all day doesn’t sit well with the way we’re wired as humans. At some point, the decadence of a life of leisure just isn’t enough. 


Many have gone into retirement only to come back in less than a year’s time into what they have lovingly called “unretirement.” In fact, the number of Americans actively working in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s has incrementally increased over decades

Inevitably, we’ve all had the job, the boss, you name it, that consumed your life or drained your energy week after week. When it comes to working during your “retirement years,” you deserve some respite – a career you actually like. It seems the trick is to find something that ignites some sort of excitement in you, keeps you social with people you enjoy, and doesn’t take too much out of your family or personal time. You know, your real life.


N2 has quite a few Area Directors who’ve found this to be true. Yes, work definitely can wear us all down at times. But this becomes especially true for those whose jobs are more taxing than rewarding. That’s the reason why we’re passionate about providing meaningful careers. Our goal for every team member is for them to be able to say, “My life is better because of N2.”

N2 was named a Top 50 Franchise for Second Careers by Franchise Business Review. We’re also proud to tout the lowest-cost startup on that list, making the opportunity more accessible for those who are a great fit. The Area Director role is one that offers freedom and flexibility. Don’t get us wrong, it certainly takes a lot of determination and tenacity to run an N2 publication. We think it’s an all-around great role for a seasoned salesperson who wants to unite a community – whether you’re of “retirement age” or not! After considering your options and deciding you like the idea of being “un-retired,” consider a franchise opportunity with the flexibility and income potential you deserve.