7 Newsletters Every Small Business Owner Should Subscribe To

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It’s a given that your time is valuable. But the space in your inbox might seem like a different story. Ever woken up to countless emails and you can’t seem to figure out how they got there and why people are up at 2:00am sending them? Then there are the email newsletters you thought would be gold, but turns out they’re basically spam. This is your signal to clean out your inbox and ditch some of those useless subscriptions taking up space and taxing your mental sanity.

But the good ones? They’re worth it. And they’re certainly out there Getting a head start on the news helps, industry tips keep you thinking, and if someone else out there is curating all that info, we’re in. We’ve rounded up the top seven newsletters you should subscribe to as a business owner and what they’ll offer. 

Morning Brew

You get to the office first thing and check the inbox. It can help to start the day brushing up on the latest headlines, Morning Brew gives you what you’re looking for with a dash of wit and whimsy. Lightly percolate on subjects ranging from the economy to entertainment while sipping your first cup, and you’ll be ready to chime in on current events at your first meeting.

HBR Management Tip of the Day

Whether you’re leading a team of two or 202, management advice is something we can all benefit from. Harvard Business Review is a great overall resource, and their Management Tip of the Day is the perfect place to begin. With just one tip coming at your inbox daily, it’s a bite-size version covering a multitude of subjects.

Big Ideas For Small Business

Many entrepreneurs are dreamers with big ideas – you conjure up exciting things! Then there’s the not so exciting (but extremely important) things like taxes and legal compliance to deal with. Barbara Weltman is a wealth of information for the more mundane. Through Big Ideas For Small Business, she sends out daily tips and tactics to educate entrepreneurs.

3-2-1 Thursday

It’s bold to say your email newsletter contains the most wisdom per word out there, but James Clear makes sure to back it up with his weekly 3-2-1 delivery. What to expect: simply three ideas from him, two quotes from others, and one question to ask yourself. 


Specifically tailored for business owners and self-starters, foundr bundles its latest articles into a weekly newsletter. It gives you easy access to sage advice from CEO greats on navigating strategies and procedures in your business.

Seth’s Blog

As a proponent for reaching the right people, we’d be remiss to leave off Seth Godin’s daily wisdom. For over a decade, Seth has presented his thought-provoking takes on all things leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, and mindset through his blog. It’s a quick read to propel you into the day with a bit of sparkle of what could be.


If you want all the business-y news delivered every weekday, but with a little humor sprinkled in, The Hustle is the daily that will keep you curious and not hitting that unsubscribe button. They deliver all the latest news with a fun take.

We wish you well on cleaning out your inbox and discovering some new resources well worth your time.  We also hope you came away with a new favorite or two from this list. And now that you’re getting all the right info in your inbox, are you putting your business in front of the right people? Find one of our affluent local magazines near you to see if you’re advertising your services to the right clientele in your community.