6 Tips for Small Businesses to Engage with Customers

thank you note for customer
“Showing the love” with customer appreciation messaging is a key component of the overall customer relationship and marketing mix of most small businesses, according to Clay McDaniel, CEO of Ripl Inc., a software company empowering hundreds of thousands of businesses to succeed on social media without the need for specialized staff or high costs. 

 Regardless of industry, appreciation campaigns provide the benefit of continual customer touchpoints for those businesses dedicated to customer service and communications best practices. According to Ripl, now is the ideal time for small businesses owners to rededicate themselves to creating meaningful dialogue with their fans, followers, and customers.

1. Send Customers a Love Note

Send your customers a “love note” by direct message through your social media business profiles. Address them by their name, be concise but authentic, and mention a specific exchange or purchase. Let you customers know you look forward to future interactions.

2. Surprise Your Customers

Surprise and delight customers with freebies or extra goodies in their next order.

3. Give Back to Your Community

Support and share a cause you and your customers are interested in. Charitable giving programs are a great way to share company values.

4. Offer Promotions

Host a customer appreciation event on one of your social media channels or offer a discounted service or promotion via a giveaway or contest.

5. Share The Love

Share your customers’ stories and testimonials. User-generated content is a wonderful way to show others that you are not only listening but recognize and appreciate their comments.

6. Celebrate Your Customers

Celebrate your customers’ milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries and big purchases. 

Most importantly, you have to have the right customers to keep them. Our mission is to help great businesses find and get in front of their ideal clients. Interested in advertising your small business with one of our 900 affluent neighborhood magazines around the country? Click here to contact your Area Director.


 About Clay McDaniel

Clay McDaniel is the CEO of Ripl Inc. Ripl helps small business owners make the most of their time by both elevating the quality of and simplifying the execution of their social media efforts to help them drive more business for what amounts to the cost of a take-out lunch once a month.