Riding Out Another Storm: What Makes N2 Isolation-Proof & Recession-Resistant

N2 isolation proof graphic
For our 2+ million readers, receiving the next issue of their neighborhood magazine delivers a sense of normalcy during this unprecedented time.

Recession or not, it’s difficult for most companies to capture the attention of their target market. At N2, we create one-of-a-kind, hyper-relevant publications that offer great businesses a direct way to connect with their ideal clients. This is what we do every day, month after month. It’s what we’re known for. And it just so happens that our model has been and will continue to be impactful during hard times, even in the midst of a possible recession.

When the economy suffers, it’s still smart for businesses to continue advertising, but the need to be intentional about where they spend marketing dollars and what audience they’re advertising in front of skyrockets. For 15 years and counting, we’ve led the charge in local, hyper-targeted print media. And now, with residents spending more time at home surrounded by disheartening news of the rising COVID-19 threat, an N2 magazine delivered right to their door is a welcomed distraction more than ever before. (It’s safe to assume Netflix won’t be sharing relevant stories about your neighbors, friends, and local businesses anytime soon.)

For our 2+ million readers, receiving the next issue of their neighborhood magazine delivers a sense of normalcy during this unprecedented time. Our publications are spreading joy and being read – and this means 30,000 local businesses are being seen and remembered by their ideal clients.

Of course, in continuing to create our 1,000+ publications, our top priority is the health and safety of the national N2 team. We count ourselves lucky for many reasons, but here are two worth mentioning:

  • N2 team members are hard workers who thrive in the face of challenges and who understand the role they play in delivering a source of joy to readers at this time. Though times are tough and everyone is concerned about the health of loved ones, our team members continue to bring their all to work every day — even though their workspace is now within the safety of their own home. This is true for the majority of our Home Office team (those who edit articles, design ads and magazines, review issues for quality assurance, etc.) and our national team of salespeople (Area Directors) who now meet with clients and residents virtually to keep their publication content coming.
  • N2’s Print department is small but mighty! With multiple shift schedules and two spacious printing locations, our print experts are able to continue manning the machines while remaining a safe distance apart and within mandated group size limits. Because of their willingness and dedication — and the amazing U.S. Postal workers around the country — N2 publications are still being delivered to our loyal readers every day.

N2 was founded in 2004, so we know what it’s like to operate in the midst of hard times. From the 2008 financial crisis to recent hurricanes that forced our Home Office to go remote (like we are today), our team continually proves that we have enough to win. We’d like to say thank you to every N2 team member for bringing their A-game and living out our core value of “we,” not “me.”