Tripledemic Sickness? Own Your Future, No PTO Required

The tsunami of sicknesses flying around – from the seasonal flu to RSV to new strains of COVID-19 – has all of us on edge, wondering when we may be down for the count. We’re living in a tripledemic reality, and it seems nearly impossible to avoid falling ill… especially as most of us gear up for family gatherings for the holidays. 

If you’re an employee with paid time off, you better hope you have a few days left before the end of the year *just in case*. Unless you’re able to magically postpone sickness until the new year when your bank of PTO is refilled. Who doesn’t love to waste precious paid days off lying in bed under the weather? (:hand-raise:)

If you’re one of the many workers in the U.S. with no paid leave (28 million Americans, according to Zippia), the tripledemic is that much more threatening. Catching the flu, a cold, or COVID could mean saying goodbye to the income you and your family depend on. 

Getting sick is terrible no matter your circumstance. But when doing so means wasting away your paid time off or having to miss out on essential income, it truly becomes life-changing. Here’s the common denominator in these two scary scenarios: Someone other than you (a boss, a corporation, etc.) is deciding your future. 

The good news is there’s another way. A better, less stressful, more secure way: Be your own boss. 

The N2 Company is a national franchisor, meaning we have hundreds of business owners on our team who own and operate an N2 business. They decide when and how often to work. They decide their income. And if they become sick and unable to work while under the weather, their business will still run, and their paycheck will still arrive. 

Take it from one of our many franchise owners (who we call Area Directors). Gina Miller owns her own business through our Real Producers magazine franchise, and learned firsthand how being her own boss transformed her work experience when sickness hit. 


“I recently spent a week in Texas with my kids, only to return home sick with the flu. I was down for two weeks, unable to be fully engaged with work. 

But because of the groundwork laid over the past three years at N2, my publication business continued to function even though I wasn’t! I received my paycheck in the middle of it all and found myself so thankful for this opportunity. 

I didn’t have to call in sick, use up my PTO, or feel like I owed someone an apology for circumstances out of my control. 

I am so grateful for this company and the tools they provide for us to succeed, even when we have to take a minute (or, in my case, weeks) for ourselves.” 

Gina Miller posing with a top agent featured in Baton Rouge Real Producers.


No one can predict what pandemic (or tripledemic) we’ll face in the future. But we do know one solid solution for facing adversity with confidence, stability, and success: Calling your own shots in business. 


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