The Ultimate Guide to Advertising in a Down Economy

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“When Times Are Good, You Should Advertise.
When Times Are Bad, You Must Advertise.”


Recession or not, it’s difficult for most companies to capture the attention of their target market. At N2, we create one-of-a-kind, hyper-relevant publications as well as digital marketing services that enable great businesses to directly connect with their ideal clients. This is what we do every day, month after month. It’s what we’re known for. And it so happens that our model has been and will continue to be impactful during hard times, even in the midst of a possible recession.


With recessions come a lot of unknowns, especially for the local business owner. What we do know? When the economy suffers, it’s still smart (imperative, really) for businesses to continue advertising. In fact, it’s smart to increase advertising during a recession. History tells us companies that come out of a recession spending relatively more do better in the years that follow. Six studies by research firm Meldrum & Fewsmith showed advertising aggressively throughout recessions increases sales and profits, and this has rung true for all recessions following 1949. 


The gist: Keep. Advertising.

But the need to be intentional about where you spend marketing dollars and what audience you’re advertising in front of skyrockets as well. For 18 years and counting, we’ve led the charge in local, hyper-targeted print media, and we offer a full-service digital marketing program to all of our clients, virtually taking businesses to the next level.


Yes, consumers are more careful with their spending during a recession, but they are still spending. If you’re not the company they think of when they do spend, it’s simple: your sales will decrease. Many businesses take the “flight” approach when it comes to ad spending in a down economy. But you know the “fight” response is best, capitalizing on the opportunities in front of you.


While your competition is cutting back, you have the chance to be the company consumers spend with now while gaining their future business as you continue to advertise in good times and bad.


N2 was founded in 2004, so we know what it’s like to operate in the midst of hard times. From the 2008 financial crisis to hurricanes that forced our Home Office to go remote even before the pandemic, to our current post-pandemic times, our team continually proves that we have enough to win, and help our advertising partners win as well. Through our hyper-targeted magazines, digital marketing services, and in-person marketing, we know how to reach your ideal clients and can show you the best advertising options for your specific needs. N2 currently serves more than 30,000 clients in 48 states.