The N2 Company Now Pays Team Members to Take Mandatory Sabbaticals

feet in a field
The N2 Company has created a Paid Sabbatical policy to not only encourage but require all eligible W-2 team members to “recharge their batteries.”


We understand the need for time away from work and its day-to-day demands. We also value and encourage the pursuit of individual interests that inspire creativity and nourish the soul. To that end, The N2 Company has created a Paid Sabbatical policy to not only encourage but require all eligible W-2 team members to rejuvenate and “recharge their batteries” by allowing them to pursue special interests or activities that cannot fit into a typical vacation. 

What do we mean by sabbatical? N2’s sabbatical is an extended, paid three-week leave intended to give team members time to recharge and pursue personal interests. Since the start of 2022, team members (both hourly and salaried) with four years of continuous full-time employment with N2 who are in good standing are eligible for their first sabbatical. When they return to work, the clock restarts and team members will be eligible for their next sabbatical every three years.

We’re excited to hear how our team members enjoy their required time off and hope it provides some much-deserved relaxation. Our first team member to take her sabbatical, Shelley Southerland, Human Resources Generalist, just returned and gave us the details of her three-week break. 


Let’s hear from Shelley on how she spent her sabbatical.

I really enjoyed my sabbatical time. I spent time with both family and friends and went out of town for a few days.

My first week was all about getting organized at home! I cleaned out and organized some closets and kitchen cabinets. That might sound boring to some people but it really made me feel good. I love to be organized so it felt good to get rid of things that I no longer needed. My husband and I also worked in the yard. My son came over and helped us with some landscaping and getting the gardens cleaned up. We went out to dinner a few nights and to a movie. 

My husband, Mike, and I love the Outer Banks so we thought it would be nice to get away and spend a few days there. We spent time in Nags Head, Duck, and Manteo. We went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, The Black Pelican, which I would recommend if you are up that way. The weather was a bit chilly and windy for a couple of days, but overall not bad for the time of year. 

team member enjoying sabbatical time

My husband travels for work, so he was out of town the third week I was off. I had a week to myself, which I don’t often get. I had lunch a few times with friends. My best friend Stephanie, who is retired, and I went shopping. I sat on my patio a couple of sunny afternoons, read, and listened to music. It was so relaxing. I said I was going to sleep in but I was usually up early. It did feel good to have a leisurely morning though. No rushing was allowed!

It was wonderful to have the time to rest. It was the first time in my career that I had three weeks off, and it was truly amazing!!! I felt totally relaxed and I must admit it was hard to come back to work. 

A girl could get spoiled!