4 Mental Health Benefits Companies Should Offer

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During our monthly team member meetings, we have many N2 team members from all departments and tenure address the entire company on various topics – often personal – and it’s great to hear so many perspectives. A few months ago, one N2 leader gave a talk about burnout – specifically on how to recognize burnout if you’re experiencing it at work, how to address it, and how to prevent it from happening in the future. 

There’s something especially significant when higher-ups in an organization speak on something that can be stigmatized, like mental health awareness. Our team members were encouraged that day to take an assessment if they were experiencing this specific type of fatigue, and even advised to take a couple of hours (on the clock) to reflect and relax if needed. 

It’s no wonder mental health in the workplace has been brought to light in recent years – and the spotlight is getting brighter as we navigate ever-changing workplace landscapes.


Our CEO and co-founder, Duane Hixon, has also chimed in about business and life and their ever-changing relationship.


It’s great to offer employees generous vacation days and holidays, maternity, paternity, and bereavement leave. Still, those days are just the bare minimum of where we need to begin caring for those who put in 40+ hours a week to help a company succeed.

Over the years, N2 has worked to provide beyond the typical and traditional healthcare packages and insurance, and we look to improve upon these offerings year after year. Whether it’s access to experienced professionals or time away to refocus and reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones, we realize prioritizing well-being and mental health is paramount to caring for the whole person. Our people are our greatest asset – and we want to make sure they’re taken care of!

In honor of mental health awareness month, let’s look over some of the extra benefits we offer to our team members that specifically address mental health and wellbeing. 


Some of N2’s Mental Health Offerings

Wellness Stipend

Part of our company’s mission is to help our team members live their best life. For many, this starts with a healthy mind and body. To promote the well-being of our team, eligible team members are offered up to $400 annually to put toward mental or behavioral health expenses incurred when using professional services, such as solo or family counseling.


N2 Sabbatical

When was the last time you had an extended leave from work that wasn’t the result of an emergency or caring for someone else? Enter N2’s sabbatical program. The sabbatical is an extended, paid three-week leave intended to give team members – who’ve been with us for at least four years – time to recharge and pursue personal interests. We’re excited for this new program to invigorate our team members’ personal interests and give them a much-deserved break. And this is a perk that keeps on giving: Team members will be re-eligible to take a sabbatical after every three years with N2.


Chaplain Services

Just like a medical doctor focuses on physical health, a chaplain is a person who focuses on spiritual health. They can provide pastoral care and insight into grief, parenting, marital or relationship issues, stress management, and more. All team members have access to N2 Chaplains. They listen, offer informed advice, and help to find resources to cope with hardships regardless of a team member’s spiritual or religious background. 


Employee Assistance Program

This benefit provides our team members and those in their households with free, confidential assistance to help with personal or professional problems that can interfere with work or family responsibilities. We love that these services – provided by Business Health Services, BHS – are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through this service, a team member will be immediately connected to a Care Coordinator, a masters-level clinician ready to assist. We also held a lunch and learn virtual hour this month with BHS talking about building your self-care toolkit. They’re a wealth of knowledge!


And we’re not stopping here. Like we said before, we’re constantly looking to improve upon our benefits, perks, and programs offered to the people of N2. And we’re glad to see great strides taken from other companies to care for people as well. We invite you to learn more about our company’s mission and discover a work life that works for you.