The N2 Company Wins Gold in Magazine and Ad Design… Again

The look of N2 magazines has come a long way over the 20 years we’ve been in business. What started as flimsy neighborhood newsletters (we’re talking black and white two-pagers about neighborhood rules) are now beautiful, top-of-the-line publications that deserve a prime spot on the coffee table or office desk… if not framed on the wall.

Of course, we’re biased; we put out what we feel is the best version of our print products. But the quality of our magazines and the custom-made advertisements within have gained a lot of recognition in recent years – not just from our loyal readers and advertisers, but from the design industry experts at Graphic Design USA, Apex Awards, MarCom Awards, and MUSE Creative Awards. 

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Our N2 magazines would not be the award-winning works of art they are today if not for our amazing team of in-house designers. We can’t share about our magazine design awards without giving this team their due. And who better to do so than our design team leaders? Read what they have to say about the accomplishments of our legendary N2 design crew. 


Jeni Moser, Publication Design Manager:

“I’m blown away on a daily basis by our publication design team’s ability to balance efficiency, accuracy, quality design, and high-quality communication. Our deadlines are constant so we don’t get much downtime. In the past year, we have laid out over 100,000 designed pages and posted over 10,000 proofs, 99% on time. During this period, we simultaneously implemented a national rebrand, rolled out new technology, and onboarded new talent to the team. Our team deserves all of the accolades and recognition.”

April Minton, Ad Design Manager: 

“In 2022, N2’s ad design team touched 135,283 client advertisements (this is an average of 11,274 ads per month!). Each designer on the team touched an average of 27 ads per day in 2022. But that’s only a portion of what they accomplish in their day-to-day, as is evident from the team’s award-winning status. Our ad team never ceases to amaze me with the high level of quality, efficiency, communication, and accuracy that they deliver on. They take one of our core values, ‘Be Better Tomorrow Than You Are Today,’ very seriously and continue to push the boundaries of design, as well as customer service. To the core, this is a team that recognizes how important each one of our thousands of clients are. At the end of the day, it’s our goal to help these businesses succeed. Their success is our success.”