Changing the Narrative: N2’s Good News Revolution

Natural disasters.
Economic downturns. 

We can’t blame news stations for covering, well, the news. But what happens when every bit of coverage we consume is alarming, divisive, or panic-inducing? We’re collectively left feeling anxious and in a constant state of worry – for our safety and for the future of our nation and world. 

Today’s news is pretty sensationalized – so much so it can actually trigger the body’s stress response. Cortisol levels go up, and chronic stress becomes the reality for way too many Americans. And here’s the thing: We are all so accustomed to the negative news cycle that we don’t even realize the physical toll it’s taking. 

But negative news is a threat to more than our cortisol; the near-constant exposure to distressing information can trick us into thinking the world is more “bad” or “dangerous” than it actually is. This phenomenon, known as “mean world syndrome,” can blind us from seeing the many positives that still exist around us. 

And then there’s our innate tendency to give more weight to negative information, called our negativity bias. It seems we’re all born with this bias, but it’s clearly reinforced (and fed into) by the excessively negative news that we surround ourselves with on our televisions, social media pages, and more. Not to mention how this negative thinking fuels the “us against them” mentality that seems to be overtaking our nation (and the 2024 presidential race is just getting started!).

But there’s a light at the end of this dark and dingy tunnel: The N2 Company still has plenty of faith in humanity. In fact, we’re on a mission to amplify the good in hopes that it outweighs, or at least counterbalances, the bad, sad, and stressful. 

We call it the Good News Revolution: Our line-up of magazines filled with uplifting and inspirational stories to change the media narrative from stress-inducing to smile-provoking.


Will you be sitting on the edge of your seat reading the features in our magazines? Probably not.

Will you be filled with dread, fear, or a sense of alarm once you put down our latest issue? No way.

Will you catch yourself smiling as you read our stories? Absolutely.

Stroll, Greet, BeLocal, and Real Producers magazines, we’re tapping into the transformative power of positive storytelling. Science backs this up; good news is beneficial to our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. When you read uplifting stories, you experience a sense of joy, gratitude, and empathy – very different to how we feel after consuming negative news.


When we read tales of resilient and compassionate people, it reminds us of the greatness that still exists in humanity. Throughout our publications, we feature people who are doing great things and work to improve their community. Reading examples of individuals making a difference empowers us to take action. This ripple effect of positivity can be the catalyst for engagement and connection needed in the world today.

As a consistent source of positivity, N2 is proud to serve as an antidote to anxiety-inducing coverage you see on nearly every news station, major newspaper, social media newsfeed, and online forum. N2’s community-focused magazines offer a respite, giving our loyal readers an opportunity to recharge and realign their attention to the goodness that surrounds them. 

Our Good News Revolution is not meant to belittle the importance of other news sources; we should all stay informed about current events. But what we really need is balance. To take a break from the hard-hitting stories from time to time to enjoy the worry-free features of your latest N2 issue. One might even say it’s what the doctor ordered. Happy reading.



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