Stroll: The Brand Evolution

N2 Publishing, a thriving neighborhood magazine line launched in 2004, undergoes a national rebranding to Stroll. Now, half a million homes in affluent neighborhoods across the U.S. receive a Stroll magazine in the mailbox every month.

In 2004, Duane Hixon and Earl Seals decided to launch a neighborhood newsletter-publishing business. They came up with the name N2 Publishing – short for Neighborhood Networks Publishing. One of their buddies created the N2 Publishing logo. As Duane and Earl are quick to admit, they are not marketing experts. And yet, for nearly two decades and after expanding from a few feeble newsletters to nearly 600 high-quality magazines, the name and branding stuck. 

Under the N2 Publishing brand, every single magazine carried its own name and masthead. No two N2 Publishing magazines were alike. Brand recognition? Brand consistency? Fuggedaboutit. N2 Publishing was the nation’s largest line of neighborhood magazines… yet no one knew our name.

Then, in early 2022 came the green light: Let the rebranding journey begin. The N2 Company’s internal marketing team went to work on a name.


Stroll /strōl/

Unlike its direct cousins “march” or “strut,” to “stroll” has an overtly friendly tone. The word conveys the feeling of slowly going on a journey and not worrying about where it ends up taking you. Strolling evokes feelings of warmth and familiarity. While on a stroll, one passes and chats with neighbors. They interact with their surroundings and notice when the seasons change and are more inclined to be involved in the seasons of a neighbor’s life. Strolling through your neighborhood magazine keeps you informed, intentional, and feeling welcomed. 

Stroll is also catchy because it is a single syllable. The double Ls have a pleasant sound as well when you say the word out loud to others.

Visually, this name lends itself to images of camaraderie and a slow-paced life we all dream about. Casual moments of connectivity happen when you stroll by your neighbor’s house.


And a logo.

And a color palette.

And a masthead design.

And a fancy new website.

And print advertisements.

And digital advertisements.


And then, in July 2022, the rebrand came to life: Every N2 Publishing magazine became Stroll.