The Power of Print + The Reach of Digital

the power of print + the reach of digital


Print media has been The N2 Company’s bread and butter for going on 20 years, and it’s still the prime source of satisfaction for millions of readers and tens of thousands of advertising partners. We deliver community connections for our readers but also provide an impactful marketing platform for local businesses wishing to reach ideal clients – and we know this impact reaches even further when digital marketing joins the mix.

N2 believes in cross-platform advertising so wholeheartedly that we have an expert team dedicated to digital marketing services, known as Hyport Digital. We combine the traditional charm of print media with the limitless possibilities of digital advertising to level up the outreach efforts of our magazine sponsors.

Go ahead and call us the one-stop shop for small business marketing.

Captivate Ideal Clients

Print media is a hands-on experience. A beautifully designed magazine with custom, locally focused ads catches the attention of readers and leaves a lasting impact. The physical nature of print ads increases their personal connection, improving brand recall and trust. (Read our full “love letter” to print here.)

While print serves as the initial attention-grabber, digital tools such as retargeting and personalized landing pages nurture potential customers along a sales funnel. The result? Higher conversion rates and increased revenue generation for our advertising partners.


Brand recall increases by 82% when you combine
print and digital advertising. (Temple University)

Boost ROI and Conversions

Print and digital advertising together deliver a powerful one-two punch to drive conversions and get the most out of an advertiser’s return on investment (ROI). QR codes, custom URLs, and interactive elements on print ads lead our readers seamlessly from the physical world to the digital, opening the door to warm leads and instant conversions. 

Stack this on top of digital marketing efforts – custom display ads that “follow” ideal customers from webpage to webpage as they surf the internet, for example – and ad campaigns with The N2 Company meet maximum impact. Plus, the trackable metrics of digital advertising enables our clients to better understand customer behavior and refine their overall marketing approach for even greater results.


Print + digital campaigns lead to 24% higher ROI than
single-channel campaigns. (Direct Marketing Association)

We not only believe in the power of combining print and digital, but we have an entire digital marketing team that allows each of our clients to easily and effectively implement cross-platform campaigns to get in front of our sought-after readership. 

It’s clear that integrating print and digital advertising is the winning strategy to elevate our clients’ presence, engage their ideal audience, and drive meaningful results. 

Do you want to unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts through print and digital offerings? Partner with The N2 Company and Hyport Digital to make it happen.



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