How These 4 Dads Found Freedom in Sales

salesman and dad
You could say we have a soft spot for strengthening families through the work opportunities we provide.

The N2 Company was founded by two salesmen who wanted the ability to spend more time with their families without sacrificing a great income – and they made it their mission to provide this type of work life for everyone at N2. Nearly 20 years later, we’re still hearing from salespeople who made the switch from a typical corporate career to owning their own publication business through N2 – and we think their stories are important to share! Meet these dads who decided to prioritize their personal and family time over the typical demanding sales career. 


Ryan Jones, South Carolina | Charleston Real ProducersArea Director with his family

In 2013, Ryan and his wife, Chelsea, were raising a young daughter, had another on the way, and couldn’t even afford to buy groceries. Without the $30,000 he was owed for a sales gig, the couple was behind on their mortgage and their home was in foreclosure. He learned about the N2 Area Director role from an acquaintance in his Bible study, and after deliberating whether this was a viable career, Ryan decided to jump in. 

His ramp-up period lasted four months. Ryan’s first commission check was a “big deal,” to say the least, and financial stability was in view. Soon, it became a reality. And now, Ryan says he never predicted the level of success he’s been able to reach. “It ended up being way better than I ever expected,” Ryan said. 

“I remember when I got the first check – ‘Wow, we can pay our bills. We can go to the grocery store and get most everything we would want.’ And the way that God has blessed [us] since then… we’ve been able to take trips I never ever dreamed of. We’ve been able to do fun stuff for our kids. Chelsea and I’ve been able to travel together. We’ve been able to give to some organizations we’re really passionate about.”

“There’s a Dolly Parton quote I’ve kept in my office: ‘Don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.’ That’s just work-life balance. I think one of the reasons N2 was created was to be a company that can let you have freedom and flexibility. The N2 opportunity is so good – I think if you fully commit to being all in during your normal workday hours, you can have freedom and flexibility that few other careers offer.”

Special congratulations to Ryan who, while busy being a present dad for his four children, managed to reach one of N2’s highest milestones in sales and the company award for sales effectiveness, overall business health, and culture for 2020.


Brian Kalchman, Texas | Stroll Alamo Heights

Brian’s had an exciting career journey. He was in event marketing, managing interactive campaigns for big-name companies such as Pepsi, Procter and Gamble, and Nestle. He worked in experiential marketing for companies like Spam™, Street Surfing, and Blackberry, and believe it or not, even managed a figure skating tour. Eventually, Brian’s wife discovered the N2 opportunity and knew it was a great fit for him. He went to training in 2009.

“I would never want to do anything else besides this,” Brian said. “My daughter is 14 years old and I’ve been doing this for 12 years. All she has known is me working from home. I’ve always been at every one of her events. I’ve never missed anything.”

Being there for his daughter and all her events, milestones, and everyday moments is something Brian will always cherish. He thinks people forget what extraordinary value that holds in itself. Yes, income as an AD is uncapped, but Brian finds the flexibility to spend time with family most important. “How do you put a value on that, right?” 


Aaron Klein, New Jersey | BeLocal Bergen County, Bergen County Real Producers

From Fortune 100 companies to internet startups, Aaron has had quite the experience in sales. He’s always had a knack for growing businesses through marketing efforts, and N2 was a natural progression for him and his expertise. But while the Area Director role is similar to his past experience, he still says this ownership opportunity is unlike anything he’s ever done.

Aaron’s a family man and his determination and motivation for work stems from a heartfelt desire to leave a generational legacy for his family. He views work as a means to support his family while still creating the quality of life and flexibility he strives for. “The fact that you can have what you need with your family while still running a successful business is absolutely a real perk that N2 offers.”

N2’s model allows for anyone to reach their income goals as long as they’re willing to put in the time and hard work needed, and Aaron finds that exciting. He says he’s proof the model works, and his success and family life speak for themselves.


Jason Stern, Minnesota |Stroll the WArea Director dad with his family

Jason worked in sales in the professional sports industry before he joined N2. And while he felt he was doing a lot of things right at work and with his family at the time, he knew he wanted to succeed most in life as a husband and father. Growing up with a single mom inspired him to show up well for his family. And with three daughters and a son, he wasn’t spending as much time as he wanted with them.

“Professional sports sales provided a great career for me. It’s a fantastic profession for a young, single 20-something to work in. However, with a wife and young family, I felt like a terrible husband and father when I would leave for work in the morning and my kids would be sleeping. Then [I’d] come home and the kids would be sleeping again,” Jason said. “It was not the life I wanted for the next 10 to 20 years, being that type of husband and father.” 

“I always loved sports and I still love sports, but I’m in a different phase in my life. And we now have the income to support a family of six and not sacrifice time just so we can pay our bills. We can have the best of both worlds.”


The N2 Area Director role works well for salespeople ready to break free from the typical corporate role and build equity in their own franchise business. We’re looking for those who want to add to a supportive culture, learn from a proven training method, and put in the work to build a book of business. You might want to take a deeper look at what you could achieve.

A Little More About N2

Almost 20 years ago, our founders were already successful in sales… but they wanted more than that. As dads, they wanted more time with their families. As salespeople, they wanted an income opportunity that reflected their hard work. And the two wanted more for the people they worked alongside. In 2004, they decided to do something about it. The N2 Company now touts 650+ of the nation’s top salespeople who enjoy a sales opportunity that provides legit flexibility, uncapped commission, and an award-winning culture recognized by Inc., Entrepreneur, and more.