What is Medical Professionals?

Medical Professional
December 2017 marked the introduction of a new, exciting product for The N2 Company: Medical Professionals.

What is Medical Professionals?

Medical Professionals (MP) is a monthly peer-to-peer publication that is mailed free of charge exclusively to top physicians and hospital executives in medium and large-sized markets. The stories and ideas shared within the printed pages of an MP magazine allow for relationships to be made and for collaboration to occur within the local medical industry.

Medical Professionals magazines are sent to an elite group of physicians and executives. The recognition as a top medical professional is not something a physician or executive can pay for. It is an achievement based on performance and reputation alone, and this guarantees that we feature those most respected in their field!

What purpose do Medical Professionals magazines serve?

The medical field is fast-paced, technical, and always evolving. Medical Professionals offers this industry a unique opportunity to connect by sharing the personal stories and professional best practices of physicians and leaders. But it does more than that. It also connects the businesses and vendors in industries that rely heavily on relationships with influential medical experts in their market, locally and nationally. Altogether, MP is Connecting Today’s Health Care Leaders.

Where can I find Medical Professionals?

Medical Professionals currently serves three markets across the country. If you are a medical professional in one of the following markets or own a business that would benefit from building brand awareness among medical leaders in one of these markets, please reach out to the local MP Area Director to get involved!


Medical Professionals Charlotte
Serving the health care industry in and around Charlotte, NC
Area Director: Denise Hurley
Contact: denise@n2co.com

Medical Professionals Treasure Valley
Serving the health care industry in Boise, ID
Area Director: Becky Jones
Contact: becky.jones@medprosmag.com

Medical Professionals Tyler
Serving the health care industry in and around Tyler, TX
Area Director: Patrick Schmear
Contact: patrick.schmear@n2co.com