N2 Team Members Serve On N2GIVES Day

During the week of November 2 – a nod to “N2” – our nearly 800 team members were encouraged to press pause on work to give back to their local community in whatever way they wished. And with more than 95% of us (employees and franchise business owners) working remotely from towns all throughout the U.S., this singular day of giving cast a very wide net of impact.

Some team members contribute solo, while others gather in groups to make an impact. 

This year, team members across 21 states (and even one in Okinawa, Japan!) gave back in many different ways, including donating blood, participating in food drives, volunteering at schools and nursing homes, and donating hundreds of household and clothing items. Our digital marketing team, Hyport Digital, kept the tradition alive with their annual “beach sweep,” picking up litter and debris along the North Carolina coast.

Below is a look at some of the ways our team spent their N2GIVES Day.



N2GIVES Day is one of our three main give-back programs. In addition to volunteering each year, we donate ad space in our magazines to nonprofits so they can enjoy a free and impactful way of spreading their message to local residents. N2 also donates millions of dollars each year to fight human trafficking. Learn more about why we’ve become a major donor in the fight at www.n2gives.com


We’re glad to be a company that cares for its people and others. We want to provide meaningful work to help every team member grow. If you’re looking for something more in your career, check out how you can make an impact in your community.

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