N2’s Hyport Digital Says “No” to Vanity Metrics

Hyport Digital, the digital marketing arm of The N2 Company, has transformed how it serves display advertisements on behalf of our 25,000 small business advertising partners. This single shift – away from all in-app display ad placements – has led to us doubling view-through conversions (VTC) and providing clients clickthrough rates (CTR) that actually reflect consumer intent.

In other words, we’re seriously breaking the mold.

“At Hyport Digital, we’re always looking for ways to improve digital marketing for small businesses. So when we realized the shortcomings of CTR – by experiencing accidental clickthroughs ourselves – we made it our mission to improve the accuracy and transparency of Hyport’s display ad metrics,” said Jess Nelson, Display Product Manager at Hyport.

We’ve all dealt with unwanted ads taking over our screens while using a mobile app. What do we do? Try to close the interrupting ad by clicking the teeny tiny “x” in the corner. But if you’re like the rest of us, you’ve missed that “x” once or twice (or a hundred times), and ended up on an advertiser’s site by mistake. When measuring CTR, accidental clickthroughs count. Hyport Digital flipped the script on display advertising because we’re in the business of providing quality clicks and likely conversions – not vanity metrics that may look impressive but don’t tell the true story.

Learn more about how and why N2’s digital marketing agency is revolutionizing the way we run our display ad program.

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