CCPA Notice at Collection for California Independent Contractors

N2 Franchising, Inc. collects and uses Personal Information for contracting, health and safety, and business-related purposes and to be in legal compliance. Below are the categories of Personal Information we collect and the purposes for which we intend to use this information:

  • Identifying information, such as your full name, gender, and signature.
  • Contact information, such as your home address, telephone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contact information.
  • Educational and professional background, such as your work history, contracting history, academic and professional qualifications, educational records, references, and interview notes.
  • Contract engagement details, such as your title, service dates, and amount of contract or engagement.
  • Financial information, such as your banking details and tax information.
  • Health and Safety information, such as workplace illness and injury information, if required.
  • Information Systems (IS) information, such as your search history, browsing history, login information, and IP addresses on Company’s information systems and networks.
  • Geolocation data, such as time and physical location related to use of an internet website, application, device, or physical access to a Company office location.
  • Sensory or surveillance information, such as COVID-19 related temperature checks and call monitoring and video surveillance.
  • Profile or summary about an applicant/employee’s preferences, characteristics, attitudes, intelligence, abilities, and aptitudes.

The Company collects Personal Information to use or disclose as appropriate to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Evaluate independent contractors in deciding to engage in their services.
  • Manage your contracting relationship with us, including for:
    • payment administration;
    • the creation, maintenance, and security of your online accounts;
    • reaching your emergency contacts when needed, such as when you are are injured or ill.
  • Manage and monitor your access to company facilities, equipment, and systems.
  • Conduct internal audits and investigations.
  • Investigate and enforce compliance with and potential breaches of Company policies and procedures.
  • Engage in corporate transactions requiring review of independent contractor records, such as for evaluating potential mergers and acquisitions of the Company.
  • Administer and maintain the Company’s operations, including for safety purposes.
  • Exercise or defend the Company’s legal rights and its employees, affiliates, customers, contractors, and agents.

If you have any questions about this Notice or need to access this Notice in an alternative format due to having a disability, please contact and 844-343-5378.